Our Sunday groups are up and running again but are now meeting in the North Hall in Cadder Road and children are dropped off there before the service. Parents are invited to stay if they like, to join in with activities and to have a cup of tea or coffee.

If you prefer, you can go down to church, leaving your children with our team of Youth Leaders. We have two rooms running at present as we are lucky enough to have a group of young mums who bring their younger children (from birth) while the older children work on stories, craft or colouring. Please do come and join us.

Easter Egg Hunt 2022!

Found one!

"I wonder if there's one in there..."


Mothers' Day preparations in full swing at Cadder Kids!

Cadder Kids showing off their Spring Flowers on a lovely Spring morning

Hands to work and feet to run

Cadder Kids making happy faces, imagining a world where everyone is happy. The biscuits help!

Our curriculum is based on materials designed for different age groups and linked to the topics we explore in church throughout the year. Groups join in other activities including art and craft work, prayers and poems, stories, readings and discussion as well as outdoor discovery in the summer time. Young people are encouraged to share in special family services and festivals such as Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter. Babies and little ones are equally welcome to stay in church with their parents, if they prefer, and all are welcome.

If you would like more information about our youth activities please get in touch via the Contacts page. Equally, please feel free to just come along and join in. All are welcome!

Below is some of our artwork by Cadder Kids:

Boys' Brigade

We have strong links with the 212th Glasgow Company of the Boys' Brigade, who meet in the South Hall.

Girls' Brigade

The 92nd Glasgow Company of the Girls' Brigade has a strong association with Cadder Parish and meets in the South Halls on Tuesday evenings.

Jack & Jill Toddler Group

The Jack & Jill Toddler Group meets in Cadder North Halls on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Unfortunately the Jack & Jill Toddler Group is not meeting at the moment due to Covid-19.