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April Gazette

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Dear Friends,

Happy Easter...The Lord has risen!

From Easter Sunday we celebrate the Easter Season for forty days, remembering the appearances of our Lord after his resurrection, up until his ascension into heaven. On one occasion he appeared to two people, trekking the lonely road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. As they walked, into the sunset, a stranger joined them and entered into their conversations. The conversation developed and the stranger was able to explain to the disciples, that the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus, that happened in Jerusalem, were prophesied in the Scriptures.

That evening they invited the stranger into their humble house for supper and as they broke bread together their eyes were opened, the stranger disappeared and they realised that the stranger was indeed Jesus! Was it in the breaking of bread that they saw his pierced hands?

They could now return back to Jerusalem and say with the other disciples, "The Lord has risen!"

The resurrection of Jesus is an experience that all Christian needs to make for themselves. When we come to that understanding that the tomb is indeed empty; that Christ is no longer dead, then our faith takes on a new dimension and like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, our hearts will burn with us. Luke24 v13-35

Paul wrote, "If Christ had not risen, then we are still dead in our sins!" (If you wish to read further about the resurrection.. 1 Cor 15) Just before noon on Saturday 25 April, 2015, an earthquake struck Nepal. Lasting just 45 seconds; causing devastation, changing lives forever. 45 seconds that caused over 8000 people to lose their lives and over 6 million families to lose their homes. 45 Seconds is the time it would take to sing a verse of the Hymn, 'Let us build a House'. The World Mission Committee of Church of Scotland launched an appeal to raise money to help rebuild houses in Nepal.

The Church of Scotland has a partner in Nepal called United Mission to Nepal and they do tremendous outreach and support to the most vulnerable people in this poor country.

The appeal became very successful and over £200,000 was raised from congregations throughout Scotland to help the Nepalese people. I am a member of the World Mission Committee of Presbytery and I encouraged my previous congregation to give generously. Many gave and one couple asked that if people were intending giving gifts for their Golden Anniversary, that they should donate to the "Build a house appeal for Nepal." £500 was donated! That is what it costs to build a house in Nepal.

So when the Church of Scotland World Mission recently asked for volunteers to go to Nepal this April and see how the money has been used and how the work has developed, I didn`t need to be asked twice. I`m blessed that my wife Susan also shares a passion for this work and she is coming out with me. It`s not a package holiday and it will be tough going at times. We will arrive in Katmandu after a 13 hour flight from Edinburgh and then we have a drive of 6 hours the next day to take us up into the remote areas of Nepal, where the earthquake caused much devastation. Like the Emmaus couple, we will be trekking the Himalayan heights, visiting schools and places that were crushed by the earthquake. We will be staying with the Nepalese people. Our group of 20 people comes from all over Scotland. The trip is self funded but we count ourselves really blessed to be selected to be part of this amazing opportunity.

The main religion in Nepal is Hinduism which has 80% of the population - Buddhism has about 18% and Christianity is only about 1% of the population. There are 30 million people living in Nepal, so it is going to be fascinating being part of a minority religion for 10 days! However, I`m excited to discover more about the Nepalese church as it is the fastest growing church in the World. What is causing this? I hope to meet with Nepalese Christians and to be able to walk with them for those few days and learn from them. I also hope to respectfully witness the ways that other religions practice their faith.

In 2006, Susan and I travelled to Uganda to be involved with a project for children who have been forced to live on the streets. It was a journey into the unknown but a journey of real blessing to us and to many others. Another journey is beginning in 2018 and this time it is to the mountains of Nepal. Who knows how this will develop but what I do know is that God delights when we take these journeys of faith and when we look for open doors of blessings.

We will both appreciate your prayers when we are away. If I am able to update the Church website when away, I will do so. On our return, we look forward to sharing stories about how the Nepalese people have risen from the disaster of the earthquake. How the resurrection is making a difference to their church communities. How strangers have walked with them and brought blessings to them and how the Church of Scotland has made a difference to their future.

Happy Easter..The Lord has indeed risen!

Every blessing,



As I write this, Mothers' Day and Fairtrade fortnight are over, so now we have Easter to look forward to.

Even the days we lost during the heavy snow we seem to have been busy. The "Easter Bunnies" that Aileen keeps providing and we keep selling are popular - thank you Aileen.

New children's books - new cards, mugs and coasters; plus the Divine Chocolate Easter eggs are here to tempt you.

The new lighting in the shop makes it more inviting, so I hope you visit us soon.


Easter Hamper Lucky Number

Easter Hamper Lucky Number winner to be announced in May's Gazette.

Easter Closure

Friday 30th March, Saturday 31st March and Tuesday 3rd April.

The coffee shop will now be open Saturday 28th April and selling our popular Sausage or Bacon Rolls from 10am.

Tea and scone or Coffee and scone £2
Every Friday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon

Early morning menu 10 a.m. to 12 noon Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch menu 12 noon - 2 p.m.,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Table reservations available

Kind regards, Christine 772 7436 (Coffee Shop) or 772 4943 (home).


Now that April has arrived the Men's Club activities have finished for another session.

We enjoyed hearing from a broad range of speakers, and each evening was rounded off by tea and chat.

Let's hope we have a pleasant summer, and look forward to seeing everybody back in the Autumn.


I hope by the time this is printed we are well into Spring and the Winter is firmly behind us. It has been certainly a challenging time weatherwise, but thankfully none of our activities have been cancelled due to the weather.

We had the first of our 125 year GB celebrations on Saturday 10 March. This was an activity day at Auchengillan Scout Activity Centre. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad - rain and really cold. You definitely cannot plan for the weather. The days either side would have been perfect! There were 600 girls and leaders there from all over Greater Glasgow. The organisers did a great job, but unfortunately the weather took its toll and most of the companies left by 3pm which was a great shame, any other day we would have had to drag them away! Having said that our girls did seem to still have a great time, it was certainly a big adventure for the Explorers! There are some photos on the 92nd Facebook page and the Greater Glasgow Girls' Brigade Facebook page if you want to have a look.

We held our annual Coffee Morning on 24 March - check out the website and Facebook to see how we got on.

Our next big event will be a trip to Kelburn Park near Largs with Explorers and Juniors for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with National GB, so there will be girls from all over Scotland there. This is being held on Saturday 28 April and should be great fun.

Aside from all that the officers are getting prepared for the Display at Meadowburn Primary on Friday 11 May. Its all go - I do not know where the weeks are going - I think it must be an age thing!!

212th Glasgow Boys Brigade Company

Unfortunately, the Ski weekend to the Cairngorms had to be cancelled due to the bad weather. We look forward to arranging a similar weekend next year and hope the weather is better than this year.

Still on the subject of the weather, a group of 212th members and friends tackled the South Hall car park on Sunday 4th March and cleared snow and ice to allow the car park and hall to be used safely. Thanks to everyone who helped.

All sections are now working towards our Annual Display which will take place on Friday 27th April 2018 at Bishopbriggs Academy. Our Inspecting Officer will be Gordon Moulsdale, Headteacher of Bishopbriggs Academy. All parents and friends are warmly invited to attend.

On Saturday 28th April we are holding our first every Spring Fair in the South Hall from 1 pm - 3 pm. We have a variety of stallholders signed up including some from Cadder Church. So why not come along and see what's on sale and enjoy an afternoon cuppa with us.

As Easter approaches we are looking forward to a 'wee' holiday from the hectic activities of the Annual Display preparations. After the Display we continue with our summer programme which we hope to get the boys out in the fresh air as much as possible. Company and Junior Sections finish off with camp whilst Anchor Boys will conclude with a summer day trip.

Eighteen Junior Section boys will be attending camp on the weekend of 18th - 20th May 2018. The boys will enjoy a full weekend of activities - both indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) in the Cairngorms. As always we are indebted to the staff giving up their time to enable camp to take place.

Company Section is heading south to the BB Centre at Kirkham on the outskirts of Blackpool. The first two nights will be spent at Coniston where the boys will have a full day of instructed activities.

Our annual Plant Sale will take place on Saturday 12th May 2018 in the South Halls. As always we will have a large selection of bedding plants and shrubs. Details of some of the plants on offer will appear on our website soon. If you would like to pre-order, please send your requests via our email account - details on the website.

For up to date information on all activities and news please go to our website at


We're off! Yes, we were very fortunate to have one of the few reasonable days in February to start our new season and it was lovely to welcome back the 'old' and say hello to some new ramblers for our first outing of the new session on the pipe walk from Strathblane to Killearn.

We have two new walks planned for March as follows:

Apr 7th The Brig O'Turk Loop 4 miles
Apr 21st Inzievar Woods, Dunfermline 5½ miles

As usual we meet in Kenmure Church car park at 9.20 am.


After the worst snow we have had that I can remember since 1947 when the likes of Wester Cleddens Road was closed, Woodhill Farm where we lived was cut off for four weeks. I think the worst of the winter is behind us now and we can start thinking about doing some gardening.

  • Remove path weeds before they establish themselves. Applying a spray of Roundup should do the trick.
  • Divide snowdrops when you can still see them in clumps and replant them.
  • Have a last prune at the roses as you can now see where the buds are and take out any dead branches.
  • Deadhead daffodils to encourage energy back into the bulbs after flowering.
  • Try growing a fruit tree in a pot. There are plenty of varieties to choose from.
  • Look out for slugs at this time as they are on the lookout for young tender shoots coming through the ground.

You can start mowing the lawn as soon as the weather is dry enough by just taking the top off the grass, also repair any bare patches.

I mentioned last month that it was worth sharpening your lawnmower blade. If it helps, remove the blade from the machine and give it to me and I will sharpen it for you.


9th Easy Exercise
16th Line Dancing
23rd Easy Exercise


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