March 2019 Gazette

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Dear Friends,

102 years ago, recorded on February 1917, in our Kirk Session minute book, there is a minute which tells of the Rev Woodside Robinson being called up by the war office to go the front line and be a padre to the troops.

Rev Woodside Robinson was the minister at that time in our Church; his name is etched on the plate in the chancel with the other ministers. He took up the call and headed off to the front line in France, to be a padre to the troops.

He served for around a year and when he came home, the soldiers wanted him to go back but the Kirk Session said that they needed him back at Cadder.

From Cadder Manse, he wrote down some of his sermons, that he gave to the men on the front line and they have been recorded in a book which was sent to me recently. Someone was clearing out his friend's uncle's library and he came across this book with Woodside Robinsons name on it and the words "Rev Woodside Robinson, Minister of Cadder Parish, Glasgow and Chaplain of the 66th Divisional Artillery".

His sermons were a great support to our soldiers. Many of our soldiers, were young men, far from home, who would have had many emotions; ranging from being homesick, to fearful, to depressed and Rev Robinson was called to give them hope and encouragement and he was also there to bury their dead in a place called God's Acre.

This book forms an interesting chapter of our church's history because it gives us an insight into what life was like for our young men serving on the front line during the First World War and also it gives an insight into the part that one of our ministers from Cadder played to support our soldiers. His first sermon recorded in his book is called "The Soldiers Cry" and his text is Psalm 61 v2, "Lead me to the rock that is higher than I!"

The date of the sermon is 4th May 1917 and he preached it on the soldiers' football pitch in a village near Bethune. He records, how the men sat on sandbags as aeroplanes were flying above them. He writes, "In the distance they heard a large gun, belching out her shell with a reverberating sound that gives you a start and makes the earth tremble".

What a backdrop for a Sunday Service! This was no ordinary Sunday morning service; this was a service that the troops would always remember for they were out of their comfort zones and it is to the padre of this church that they turn to for guidance.

One of the sergeants, said to the Rev Woodside, "How much some of us appreciate the presence of men like you, who can talk to us as man to men, and keep us in touch with sacred things till we finish the job, and centre our thoughts for a time on things lying between the sphere of earthly battles." In his sharing of psalm 61, Rev Robinson tells them that the Rock, was a symbol of strength to the Jewish mind; It was a place of refuge. He writes, "I do not think men on the battlefields are afraid of meeting death or the hereafter so much as they are afraid of fear. They cower at the though of showing the white feather, and quail in front of cowardice."

He told them that in the days of King David, as he fled King Saul and ran to the hills, he looked for rocks, crevices, caves where he would find safety and protection; the rock was a shelter from fear and danger.

He tells them a story of an artist who was given the theme of "Life" to paint. This artist painted a dark storm-swept sea, covered with wrecks and derelicts. Then out of the midst of the tempestuous waves, he made to rise a great rock, in a cleft of which, high up, he painted a dove sitting quietly on its nest. It is a picture of the Christian's peace in the midst of this world's strife and storm and warfare.

In the cleft of the rock of ages are quietness and peace. "Lead me to the rock which is higher than I" and just as Rev Woodside Robinson, 102 years ago, led those fearful men to the rock, it is also my privilege in this generation, to lead you to the same rock; the rock hasn't moved!

Today we do not need to go to the trenches or the front line of a battle but perhaps we have our own front line to face; maybe you are in the trenches, in a different sense?

Rev Woodside said to the troops, "Never trouble yourself about how Christ became man, and why God sent him to save you and me by his sacrifice on the cross of shame. The fact, like the sheltering barrage in this war, is historical, that he did come and has saved countless souls, and has become a shelter in life's storms, and why should he not be a hiding place for you? You need him more than most, and to the heart that needs him he becomes an everlasting shelter and there is no doubt about it, we can shelter ourselves securely in that rock".

Countless people have discovered this rock...the hymn, Rock of Ages, has a lovely context. Augustus Toplady, its author, penned this hymn, as he was caught in a thunderstorm. He took refuge in a great rock and he lay between two massive pillars of a cleft and was completely sheltered from the storm and while waiting for the storm to pass, he composed on the back of a playing card, this wonderful hymn that we all love to sing.

My predecessor's words to the troops on the front line, as he finished his sermon were, "Where then can we have a more perfect prayer on the battlefield, where strength, physical, moral, and spiritual, is needed every day, than this cry of the soldier King David, 'Lead me to the rock that is higher than I!'?".

I'm grateful to have been given this little book of sermons, through the kindness of a stranger, who in an email said to me, the book is now home! I'm sure that the sermons will be of use to me as I minister here at Cadder. Little did the Rev Woodside Robinson know that 102 years after preaching these sermons, another minister, one hundred years later, would stumble across his book and find it to be a great encouragement.

May you all continue to trust in the rock which is higher than you and find your strength and safety there.

Kind regards,



January has been a very quick month in the shop and we are now planning for Easter - we don't do Valentines Day! (Thank goodness).

Chocolate eggs will soon be on sale and this year we have lovely Easter Chickens, proving very popular.

We have a steady sale for coffee, tea and chocolate. The rice is going well and people who have tried it for the first time have come back for more.

We look forward to you visiting the shop when we have our Easter stock in.

Thank you for your support.

A quote from the current Traidcraft Bulletin

"Our beans (coffee) come from a women's co-operative called Asociacion de Productoras Libres de Marcala (APROLMA). 69 members - all women - have joined forces to cultivate high quality beans and use their income from exporting them to secure their futures.

Why is it a women's only co-operative? Well, the region is one of the key drug smuggling routes from Latin America to the US: the area is extremely violent, and the men, if they are to avoid working for, or being coerced by, drug cartels generally choose to leave. Many head for the States to seek work and income, which they remit back home. That leaves the women to organise things, and they are a tenacious and inspiring organisation. They have even been to court to try to clarify their right to own the land they have farmed for generations: not a simple matter given the general state of affairs."


Well that's the first month of the year over and, hopefully, the worst of the bad weather is behind us too. It has been wonderful to welcome so many of our regular customers and many new faces to the Coffee Shop.

Pop in anytime and remember, we can reserve a table for you for morning coffee or lunch.

Our opening times are as follows:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10 am - 2 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm
Thursday 10 am - 2 pm
Friday 10 am - 12 noon
Saturday 10 am - 12 noon

Please pop in and sample our daily specials and desserts.

If you could spare a couple of hours we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team.

Date For Your Diaries

Bacon Roll Saturday on 23rd February from 10 a.m. - 12 noon.

Jaqueline Burns
Coffee Shop Manager
(07960 178403)


Things are progressing nicely at the 92nd, much like any other year really.

We are looking forward to the start of Lent in a few weeks which of course means Pancake Day! Everyone's favourite. We have the Divisional Gathering coming up soon on 10th of March. Conveniently for us it is taking place at Springfield Cambridge Church just down the road.

We are also in the middle of planning our Annual Coffee Morning which this year takes place on Saturday 23rd March from 10 a.m. until 12 noon. In the South Hall. If anyone has anything they could donate to the tombola please drop it by on a Tuesday night or on the day. We would also be most grateful for any donations of baking or offers of help on the day.

Our Brigaders are hoping to organise some fundraising events on their own, so keep an eye out for that as they are working hard on the details and plans.

On another note, I will be starting a special secondment from one of my jobs to go and work as a Development Officer for the Girls' Brigade Glasgow Division for 6 months from the end of February. It sounds like a very exciting role and I hope I can rise to the challenge and help come up with new ideas to develop GB in Glasgow.

212th Glasgow Boys Brigade Company

All sections are now working towards our Annual Display which will take place on Friday 31st May 2019 at Bishopbriggs Academy.

Duke of Edinburgh classes are going well with five boys working towards their bronze award. Four boys will hopefully gain their Presidents Badge this year and two their Queens Badge.

Preparations are on-going to arrange a Day Trip for Anchor Boys on Saturday 1st June. The boys had a great time last year and it's hoped all boys will attend. Anchor Boys had a visit from 'Cool Creatures' who brought six different animals for the boys to see and handle.

Junior Section camp is only a few months away. With a party size of more than twenty we are heading back to the Cairngorms with a day at Landmark Outdoor Centre, a visit to Loch Morlich and outdoor Lasertag to name a few of the activities the boys will enjoy. Boys and staff are really looking forward to the adventure!

We are planning to hold another Craft Fair on Saturday 27th April 2019 from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. in the South Halls. Like last year, we expect a variety of stallholders to come along.

For up to date information on all activities and news please go to our website at


We meet for all walks at Kenmure Church car park at 9.20 a.m. for a prompt 9.30 a.m. start. We would recommend boots or walking shoes. We operate by car sharing. If you are not driving we suggest petrol money to the driver of £3 per head, £4 if the walk is a bit further away.

The aim of our walks is to enjoy our countryside, take a little gentle exercise and enjoy fellowship with others. When appropriate we take a light snack with us for lunch and at the end enjoy coffee and cake at a local venue.

Saturday 9th February

This will be a linear walk along the Forth & Clyde Canal from Bowling to Dalmuir. The distance is approximately 3 miles on flat terrain, a short stop to have our packed lunch, and 3 miles return to Bowling.

Saturday 23rd February

The Gowk Stane Circuit, Strathblane. This is a new route for some of us and packed with local history. This walk is approximately 5 miles long with a shorter option available.

Hopefully Santa will have delivered some walking boots at Christmas and there will be some new faces when we meet for our first ramble on 9th February 2019.

9 MARCH Eglinton Country Park, Irvine 5 miles
23 MARCH Thorntonhall and Waterfoot
(circular easy walk from Eaglesham)
5½ miles

Further details from Margaret Burniston 563 1144.

Hope to see you in Kenmure Church Car Park at 9.20am.


I am always glad to see the end of February, as the days start to lengthen. You can hear the birds singing and pairing up and you know spring is coming and the first spring flowers are out.

  • Divide and replant snowdrops when the flowers have gone and you can still see the leaves.
  • It is time to prune winter heather. It will refresh all the flowering wood for next year.
  • Apply some organic fertiliser to boost your borders - try some seaweed meal.
  • Try sowing some sweet peas in a tray and put them on a windowsill to bring them on for planting later.
  • Carry out any hard winter pruning and complete before the end of the month, before birds start nesting.
  • Remove sucker growth from the base of young trees.
  • Time to order your plants. I have found ordering on line has been very successful.
  • If you have kept any compost, scatter around your shrubs to give them a natural feed and hoe in.


4th First Monday
11th Easy Exercise
18th Line Dancing
25th Easy Exercise


Climate Change Workshop Thursday 14th February

The group considered the issue of water scarcity and its global impact. A short video on water scarcity in Iraq illustrated the impact that water scarcity had on insurgency and the rise of ISIL in Iraq and Syria. The following statement summed up the issue:

The world is in a water crisis, one that will grow more severe in the coming decade. Water shortages will soon lead to increasing political instability, displacement of populations, and, more likely than not, political unrest and war.

Though this water crisis overlaps with the more widely-discussed problem of climate change, it is different in many ways. It is more acute and more concrete, in that it focuses on a single resource without which humanity cannot live. Its causes are less controversial. Its dimensions are more easily measured. And its catastrophic effects are playing out more clearly and more quickly.

The world's water problem is being caused by multiple simultaneous factors: Reduced rainfall, increased population, and the rapid development of impoverished societies have all come together to deplete the amount of water available to humankind. None of these causes are going away. Solutions will come only from changing the way we find and use water.

The group considered things that we could do to reduce our own water consumption and how we could use our influence to increase awareness and advocacy on the issue.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 14th March at 7 p.m, when David Bethune from Eco-Congregations Scotland will talk to us about the impact of Travel on Climate Change.

The remaining workshops will take place in the South Hall at 7 p.m. and we hope that you will put the dates in your diary:

  • Thursday 18th April
  • Thursday 16th May
  • Thursday 13th June

WaterAid Jars of Change Lent Appeal 2019

One way we, as a congregation, can make a difference is by supporting Water Aid's Jars of Change appeal which supports the building of wells and water kiosks in local villages across the world.

By giving something up and collecting the money we each save, we can not only reduce the number young children who have to walk miles each day to collect water from dirty rivers, but save countless lives. A child dies every 15 seconds from drinking contaminated water and this is preventable if clean water is provided locally.

Some jars are available from the church to get us started or if you have a jar at home that you can use to put some money in, then let's see how much we can raise and how many lives we can save through WaterAid's Lent Appeal.


South Halls, 7 for 7.30pm

As we approach the final month of the current session, our final speaker is one of our own members Manfred Drost. A retired merchant navy captain, Manfred will be giving us a very personal account of The Keil Canal.

We are hoping for a good attendance at our Annual General Meeting on the 20th March.

And finally, as already intimated, our Outing this year is to Hopetoun House, South Queensferry on Tuesday, 23rd April.

ALL VERY WELCOME, Come and enjoy a Spring Day Out!

Arrangements for the trip:

Leaving by coach at 9.10 a.m. from the Memorial Hall, Balmuildy Road.
Leaving from Hopetoun House 2 p.m., arriving back 3 p.m. approximately.
Total ticket cost £20. Includes coach travel and entry to House and Gardens.

Tickets and further details from David More 772 7777, and Bill McInnes 772 2639


A few weeks ago letters were sent to all members and adherents outlining the actions being taken by Cadder Parish Church to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. A decision was taken by the Kirk Session that the most robust form of compliance would be for members and adherents to "opt-in" to allow their personal data (name, address, phone number and email address) to be held for future use such as pastoral contact and intimations of forthcoming events, etc.

So far, there has been a good response but there are still many consent form outstanding. For anyone still to return their form there is still time before the deadline date of 31 March. If the form has been mislaid then replacement forms are available at the church door at each service until the end of March.

Where no responses have been received the members concerned will be removed from the Membership Roll and their data currently held will be deleted.

Please ensure that consent forms are returned over the next weeks to ensure that membership of Cadder Parish Church continues.

Ian Watt
Roll Keeper



Lent Bible Studies will run on Sunday 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st March in the South Hall Chapel from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. followed by tea and coffee. All welcome.

Please note the correction of dates from those previously given.


Anyone needing a lift to church please contact Janet Johnstone on 01360 238 908.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the bank during the last year. From Cadder we donated 998.10 kilograms of food, which is a wonderful total.

We take the food to the collection centre in Kirkintilloch where it is sorted and distributed to one of the four centres in our area which are located at Auchinairn, Kirkintilloch, Lennoxtown and Milngavie who in turn supply the customers.

It is only through the generosity of the local community that the Foodbank can function.

Many Thanks,

Gillian Melvin and Margaret Neely


CHARITY (SC 045775)

May I, on behalf of the Fresh Start Committee, express my sincere thanks to everyone who in any way helped to make our recent Coffee Morning such a successful event.

The amazing sum of £824.80 was raised through the Coffee Morning and also many generous donations.

It was wonderful to see the hall filled with people from all the different churches who came to support us and enjoy fellowship together.

Can I also thank you for all the goods given to me throughout the year. They are very much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Margaret Redpath
Chair of Fresh Start


Our friend, Andy McNeill, is running the Edinburgh Marathon this year for MND Scotland. He is a keen runner but this is his first attempt at a marathon. Andy is married to an old school friend of Gillian's, Alison Hunter, who was in the Sunday School and Bible Class at Cadder more years ago than either of them care to remember! Alison and Andy were married in Cadder. Alison's mum, Noelle Hunter, lived in Gleneagles Gardens and was a member of the church. She attended regularly over the years until moving up to Aberdeen to be closer to Alison and her family. Mrs Hunter died a number of years ago but I am sure some members of the church will still remember her.

I very much appreciate all the money raised in Cadder over the last year for MND Scotland but would be grateful if you could offer Andy some support in his marathon effort. He has set up a Just Giving Fundraising page under his full Sunday name - Andrew McNeil. If you Google the Just Giving site and search on his name you can find his page and read his story.

Many Thanks,

Stephen Crompton


The Cadder Singers are having another Sing Along in the North Hall on Wednesday 27th March at 7.30 p.m.

As we had such a fun evening in December, we thought it would be good to share some more of our songs with you. We do hope that you will join us as we are sure you will know all the music and the words will be provided.

Tea and coffee will be served at the interval.

There is no charge but we will be issuing tickets so that we can monitor numbers for seating. These will be available shortly from members of the Cadder Singers.

Looking forward to another fun filled evening.


The website will be updated on a Monday and any material sent to Ian by 2pm on that Monday will be on the site that night. Anything that's late will have to wait a week. Pictures to accompany the text are welcome.

The Facebook page is administered by Gillian Melvin. Stories, photos and details of forthcoming events should be sent to Gillian at


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It would be extremely helpful to also receive information regarding changes to Officer Bearers, etc.

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