May 2019 Gazette

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Dear Friends,

One of my favourite things on holiday is meeting new people. You might think that a minister wants to escape from meeting new people, as the work of ministry is very much people centred but what a joy it is to have friendly conversations, with those whom we meet for a brief hour or two on a holiday. You might call this "brief encounters" but in those few moments, a new world opens up, as you listen and learn, about the joys and challenges that another person or couple may be facing.

On holiday, they know nothing about me or Susan, when they sit beside us as we know nothing about them. They have no idea of who I am or what I do, when I meet them at the breakfast table or as we stroll along the beach. They don't have to know, all that they need to know is that we enjoy their company and that they feel blessed in our company.

As I write this, I'm just back from a week away, and so there are a few characters that are still fresh on my mind. I hope you don't mind me indulging my holiday snap shots! What a lovely few hours we spent with Larry and June. We sat with them in the sunshine. They are both retired, enjoying a second marriage and that perhaps just within the last few years. They spoke of their six children, twelve grandchildren and four great grandchildren shared between them but there was one thing that their focus was on and that was their beautiful little cairn terrier called Gracie. Gracie lived up to her name and she was at the centre of our conversations, as she loved to get attention; over the years Susan and I have loved our cairn terriers. Little Gracie brought us together with this couple to have a "brief encounter". Larry and June have a camper van and from the beginning of February, they have toured from Devon, through France, enjoying lovely stops in Spain and then down to Portugal; I'm sure that they are attempting to hold the sunset, as they make the most of their retirement.

When we read the gospels, we see many different encounters that Jesus had with diverse people "on the way". Some were very brief, others were deep friendships but his encounters were wholesome and often brought healing to a situation. Jesus was able to bless people "on the way" and he has laid down for us all a great model, of being people, who bring blessings to others; people that we meet on a daily basis, whether at our work or at the Cadder coffee shop or in the church, opportunities of blessing abound. We both felt blessed by our conversations with Larry and June.

Kate is a mum, in her early 40's and she was there on holiday with her mum. Kate was a mum, who seemed to be under a bit of stress. Her two boys, MacKenzie who was 10 and Tommy who was 7, are her pride and joy but there was obvious tension in her life, as she was continually learning how to deal with her growing adopted sons. The boys couldn't have been blessed with a better mum and gran but life has been challenging for them all. We got to know them over a few days and she and her mum appreciated being able to offload a little of these challenges and for us taking an interest in their boys. I even ended up playing snooker with them whilst Susan was speaking with Kate and she asked what job I did and when Susan said that I was a Church minister, she said that they had thought I did something like that! We will probably never meet this little family again but in those few brief encounters we both learned a lot about each other and we both felt blessed by being together.

Many more people we met over the week, even a lovely couple who had lived in Cadder Parish for twelve years and knew some of our church members and who had very fond memories of life in Bishopbriggs forty years ago. We met a couple who were keen bowlers and he has umpired all over the central belt and he said that Bishopbriggs Bowling Club was the friendliest that he had been to.

Susan had a lovely conversation, with a young woman in her 30's, who was visually impaired and who sat beside her on the plane. She was there with her mum and they are both regular visitors to Portugal. Ellie who is disabled and has limited eye sight manages to hold down a job and who now lives independently; she was a great inspiration to us both and what a privilege it was to be blessed by her determination and strength and to see the love that her mum had for her.

So our holiday came to an end but there were many more "brief encounters" and some may only have been minutes and some longer but still brief meaningful connections. Small moments are what make up our days and our lives and in those few moments, a whole new world can open up to us. It's in these moments that God is present and when we open our hearts to his love and blessings, then these moments can last a life time.

Jesus was indeed a man who treasured "brief encounters". He has set a great example for us to be open to where people are in their journey of life, whether it is Zacchaeus hiding up a tree or a lonely woman at a well in the desert - Jesus took time to stop and share in their lives and bring blessing to them.

May God continue to bless your "brief encounters" with whoever he puts across your path today and to see in those brief moments, a glimpse of what God is doing in another person's life,

Every blessing,



The shop is doing well - the Easter Chickens have been bringing people to the shop. A good thing, as many have never been before or even knew that there was a shop!

Brown rice and Bamboo socks are both now in stock.

As it is the time of year for some serious gardening we have gloves that will help to keep hands safe and, if you are like me, sometimes they end up in the green bin by accident and I need to buy another pair!

Happy Gardening.


Well we have had another busy month at the Coffee Shop. Due to the refurbishment at St Matthew's we have had the pleasure of welcoming many new faces, which has been wonderful.

Diary Dates

Bacon Roll Saturday is on 25th May 10am -12 noon

Our Annual Afternoon Tea takes place on Friday 7th June.
Tickets for this very popular event go on sale Tuesday 7th May and are priced at £7

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Pop in anytime and remember, we can reserve a table for you for morning coffee or lunch.

Our opening times are as follows:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10 am - 2 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm
Thursday 10 am - 2 pm
Friday 10 am - 12 noon
Saturday 10 am - 12 noon

Please pop in and sample our daily specials and desserts.

If you could spare a couple of hours we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team.

Jaqueline Burns
Coffee Shop Manager
(07960 178403)


Well that's Easter come and gone. I for one can't believe that it is May already!

Over the Easter holidays the girls went to a special movie night run by the GB Division and held at the Divisional Headquarters in St Andrew's West (formerly Renfield St Stephen's) in town. They saw "The Greatest Showman" and thoroughly enjoyed it, even singing along at times! Over the Easter weekend we also took part in the Big Footprint where we walked over a set route in the city centre and it was great to see so many girls taking part.

Coming up soon we have the Display on 10th May and the closing Parade on Sunday 12th. The Display is being held at Bishopbriggs Academy this year where we haven't been for a good few years. All sections have been working hard getting their items polished to perfection ready for the big day.

All three sections are also entering the Divisional Keep Fit Competition - the deadline for which is 6th May. Fingers crossed that the Brigaders can make it a hat-trick.

After all that it is our annual Camp weekend away to Scoughall and then that's us.

212th Glasgow Boys Brigade Company

All Sections are working towards our Annual Display which takes place on Friday 31st May 2019 at 7.15 pm at Bishopbriggs Academy. Our Inspecting Officer will be Stephen Crompton, former member and officer of the 212th. All family and friends are welcome to join us on this evening when we present our awards and celebrate our achievements.

Our annual Plant Sale will take place on Saturday 11th May 2019 in the South Halls from 9 am till 12.30 pm. As always, we will have a large selection of bedding plants and shrubs. If you would like to pre-order, please send your requests to our email account - details on the website.

Closing Parade will be held on Sunday 12th May 2019 to which all family and friends are invited to attend. The Youth Team have extended an invite to all parents after the service to have lunch with the children in the North Hall.

Junior Section Camp has fifteen boys heading to the Cairngorms for a full programme of activities and hopefully some good weather. Company Section are travelling to Kirkham for their camp. They will stop off en route at Coniston for two nights under canvas and a day of outdoor activities.

Anchor Boys Summer Trip will be on Saturday 1st June 2019. This year the boys are going to Heads of Ayr Farm Park which I know is a favourite of boys and staff. As we come to the end of another busy session with boys receiving their Presidents Badges and two boys achieving their Queens Badge, we have much to celebrate at the 212th.

For up to date information on all activities and news please go to our website at


We meet for all walks at Kenmure Church car park at 9.20 a.m. for a prompt 9.30 a.m. start. We would recommend boots or walking shoes. We operate by car sharing. If you are not driving we suggest petrol money to the driver of £3 per head, £4 if the walk is a bit further away.

The aim of our walks is to enjoy our countryside, take a little gentle exercise and enjoy fellowship with others. When appropriate we take a light snack with us for lunch and at the end enjoy coffee and cake at a local venue.


Starting in Eaglesham this was a different type of walk as it was all on roads. The circular route took us through some very pleasant countryside with excellent views over the city. Crossing the old bridge at Waterfoot the White Cart River was in full spate after the rain and was quite a sight. Waterfoot remains a small village and it was here in 1913 that the first female commercial pilot, Elizabeth Drinkwater, was born.

The way up from Waterfoot to Thorntonhall was a long straight road which rose to some rather splendid houses and again good views. From Thorntonhall we gradually descended before rising again into Eaglesham and well deserved bacon rolls and fancy cakes.


On the south side of the city this 4 mile walk started at Darnley Mill which originally was a corn mill. Sadly the old mill is no longer standing and a restaurant sits there. We walked through Waulkmill Glen steadily rising until we arrived at Waulkmill Reservoir (the first of 5 in this country park). This reservoir originally served the Gorbals area of Glasgow but is no longer used for this purpose and is very popular with fishermen. There is a wide variety of wildlife in the park.

There were also Bleachfields at Darnley owned by Charles Tennent. It was here he produced the chemical combination of chlorine and lime which led to the development of bleaching powder.

We were accompanied on our return journey by a lovely young lady, Pamela and her dog Blake. There being no resident Rangers in this park Pamela was an excellent guide, very willing to share with us her knowledge of the flora and fauna which enhanced our visit.

We then repaired to Rouken Glen for our usual treat at the café.

4 MAY Dunblane to Sherrifmuir 7½ miles
18 MAY Pineapple House, Airth 3½ miles

Further details from Margaret Burniston 563 1144.

Hope to see you in Kenmure Church Car Park at 9.20am.


A lot of people ask me "When is the right time to sow seeds outside?" My tip is for you to put your hand onto the soil and when it feels warm to the touch.

  • You should now be cutting your lawn at least once every week and top dressing with a 20-5-5 fertiliser - look at the side of the packet for instructions.
  • Start harvesting rhubarb as they will have started the first shoots and these are very tasty at this stage.
  • You can now plant sweet peas outside, as the soil is now drying out.
  • Time to order your tomato plants. Again, we are growing some in hanging baskets and some others in the greenhouse. I am also trying sweetcorn this year.
  • You should also be able to sow lettuce outdoors now - try some in a container - we are now eating some I sowed earlier this year.
  • Try some strawberries in a pot and taste the difference!

Good luck.


13th Easy Exercise
20th Line Dancing


Climate Change Workshop Thursday 16th May 2019, 7 p.m. South Hall

This workshop will be led by Frank Dick who will focus our attention on Climate Justice. It would be lovely to see a good attendance for this important topic.


South Halls, 7 for 7.30pm

All activities are now complete for the season.

We look forward to seeing all our members, old and new, in October.

Have a Good Summer!


This year Christian Aid Week is 12-18 May. During this week Christian Aid's main fundraising events take place, the main one being the house-to-house collection. As in previous years Cadder has supported this event and typically raises over £2,500. Volunteers would be much appreciated once again to help reach this target (or even better to exceed it!). Any help with distributing envelopes, collecting the envelopes or helping with the count on Saturday 18 May would be greatly appreciated. Please note that anyone collecting the envelopes must be over 16. Please speak to Margaret or George Redpath or Ian Watt. Many thanks in anticipation!

Christian Aid Quizaid

The popular Quizaid evening returns once again, this time on Saturday 11 May in the South Hall at 7:30pm.- This year we have a special guest - Val Brown from Christian Aid's Glasgow office will give a presentation of their work which I am sure we will all find interesting.

The format will be the same as on previous occasion with teams of 4 (or 5) competing for the glory of being this year's champion quizzers!£ Entry will be £5 per person and light refreshments at half time will be included.- Please put the date in your diaries now and come and support the essential work of Christian Aid.- Thank-you!

Ian Watt


On Sunday May 12th the Girls' and Boys' Brigades have their Closing Parade and the Sunday Schools have their Prize Giving. The usual hot dogs. crisps and juice will be available for all the young people after the service, but the Youth Team would like to invite the whole congregation - including all parents - to have lunch with the children in the North Hall.

Tea/Coffee, sandwiches and cakes will be provided.

Please come along for a bit of fellowship and fun; meet new people and enjoy each other's company.

We hope to see you there.

The Youth Team



In a Medieval Setting

7 P.M. - 9 P.M.

Flower demonstration by Enid Reid Flowers

Tickets £10 (includes wine and canapés)
Available from: Francis Tran (


In March the group of lady volunteers from Cadder Church were once again on Saturday duty at the Lodging House serving endless cups of tea and coffee. Helping to prepare and serve the lunches and seconds, chatting to the service users and tidying up. The overnight shelter finished at the end of March.

Cadder ladies have been involved since Saturday opening began at the end of 2016. The number of churches involved has now grown to 19 which means our next duty rota will be in August. LHM also opens on Sundays so now they can say "we never close" - well accept on New Year's Day!

Gus Smeaton, one of the Directors who looks after the finances, has decided to step down from his 'other role' as Manager at the Lodging House Mission. Gus has covered this post on a voluntary basis for 5 years and will be a hard act to follow. Stephen Mitchell will assume the position of Manager on the 1st of May 2019 and we wish him well.


On behalf of Glasgow North Guilds Together I would like express our grateful thanks to all those in Cadder Guild, the First Monday Group and the ladies of Bishopbriggs Bowling Club 'Sewing Bee' who were busy over the past few months knitting hats, neck warmers, balaclavas and mitts as an additional contribution to one of the Guild projects over the next three years.

350 items from Glasgow North were handed over to Rev Becky Haldane of the Sailor's Society at the end of March and will be used by the Greenock Chaplaincy to support their mission to those seafarers coming to our shores, many of whom have been away from home for many months and are ill equipped for our climate. As over 32,000 seafarers came to our shores in 2018 these knits will not last long so we intend continuing and I am happy to provide the easy patterns to anyone interested in joining our efforts.


The 182nd Glasgow Company of the Boys' Brigade really is 100 years old. We are still attached to Kenmure Church of Scotland in Bishopbriggs, and we are keen to trace as many former members as we can for a reunion dinner and service later this year. If you were a member, please contact us to register your interest in one or both of the proposed events.

Please also help us to spread the word if you can think of anyone else who was a member.

Get your name on the list for

Dinner, Eagle Lodge, Saturday 30th November 2019
Thanksgiving Service, Sunday 1st December 2019

Looking forward to hearing from you! Phone 07446 916314 Email


We had a wonderful turnout for our March SingAlong. It was wonderful to hear the hall resounding to all the voices and to see the smiling faces.

We have enjoyed our first year both for the singing, and the camaraderie and fellowship. We will start again on the first Wednesday in September, so if you enjoy a good sing please think about coming along to join us. It can work wonders for how you feel!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, including the Church and Session, for all their support in our new venture.


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