Cadder Parish Church, Bishopbriggs.

A Word From the Minister

This Sunday, 29.4.18 - we are looking at the Apostle Paul`s encounter with the Athenian Philosophers - Acts 17 v16-34. Paul gets an amazing opportunity to present his message in the Athenian Areopagus. After a tourist guide round their city, he was distressed to see so many idols and one in particular caught his attention - an idol to an unknown god - Paul used this as a hook for his short sermon. This Sunday we will be considering - who is this unknown God whom Paul explains to the philosophers of Athens. In Nepal, I was told by our guide that there are 30 million gods worshiped in this nation. As Christians, we worship One God, and this God has been revealed to us in three different ways, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday as we worship together.

Me and my wife Susan are just back from Nepal. The mission trip was organised by the Church of Scotland World Mission. We visited areas that were struck by the earthquake in 2015. The earthquake claimed the lives of thousands and also thousands lost their homes, so in response to this, the Church of Scotland made an appeal to congregations and over £310,000 was generously gifted. We were greatly encouraged by the work done by the Nepalese people in constructing their communities. Susan said at a debriefing meeting, "We came expecting to see destruction instead what we have seen is construction". However, it is good to be back at Cadder and I look forward to encouraging us all with the goodnews stories that I witnessed first hand.

You are welcome to come along and be part of Cadder Church and be inspired to step out in faith, trusting that God is with us on our journeys.

May you continue to enjoy the Easter Season, John