Cadder Parish Church, Bishopbriggs.

A Word From the Minister

This Sunday - 25.2.18, the theme of the service is "Would you wash someone`s feet?". In John`s gospel - chapter 13 v1-17 - we have the amazing story of our Lord washing the disciple`s feet. I`m sure that he had more important things on his mind as he was preparing himself for his own crucifixion. But he had one more vital teaching to leave with his disciples before he left them. This humble act would have lingered long in their memories; that the one they called Lord stooped down and washed their feet. This story is normally told and reenacted on Maundy Thursday but this week we are considereing it as we part of the journey of lent. Lent is a time of preparation, a time of drawing close to Jesus and learning from Him. This story raises questions such as...Are we ready to have Jesus wash us clean? Are we ready to get down on our knees and serve others? Challenging themes but the gospel of Jesus is challenging from beginning to the end. We look forward to welcoming you to Cadder Church this Sunday as we gather together to worship God and also to witness and celebrate the baptism of Mason Hogg. You are welcome to come along and be part of the Church and be inspired to step out in faith, trusting that God is with us on our journeys.This Sunday evening, we have our second lent study and tonight we are considering the theme of grace and forgiveness. We are using the bible and the classic book Les Miserables, to help us understand those great themes - If this interests you, come along to Cadder South Halls at 7pm.

In your prayers can I ask you again to remember Duncan and Przemec, 2 fishermen from Tarbert Lochfyne, who were involved in a tragic accident at sea and who we reckon are trapped in a fishing boat under the sea. I`ve known Duncan and his family for many years and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the 2 men. Last week the Scottish Government have offered to finance the recovery of the bodies from the fishing boat. The donations of money that have been received will go towards supporting the families in their loss. If you are on facebook, go to "All things Tarbert" and you will see the amazing response from the villagers of Tarbert. Thanks to all who have donated to the fund.

For a fuller account of the story go to the Church of Scotland website where they have put together an article. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Wishing you all

every blessing