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We look forward to welcoming you this coming SUNDAY, 21.7.19, to our morning service, which is at 10.30am in Cadder Church. Over the summer holidays, we are taking you on a journey around the Mediterranean and looking closely at the churches that the Apostle Paul first planted and we will consider his subsequent letters to them and what message these ancient letters have for us today. This Sunday our focus is on the church in Corinth and we will be thinking about the theme of unity and how Paul commends that this church should be united in Christ. You are very welcome to come and join us as we celebrate the Good News that came through Jesus Christ. Cadder Kids meet initially in the church and then continue their activities in the choir room during the service. There is a Crèche available for babies and toddlers. The services will be led by our minister Rev John MacGregor. Come and be blessed in the ambience of Cadder Church down beside the Forth and Clyde Canal and be refreshed by the preaching of the Word and the Praising of His Name; our organist and muscian is José Javier Ucendo MMus Repetiteur (New) and Accompanist. After the service, come and enjoy fellowship over tea, coffee and homebaking in the North Hall.

Early Fellowship meets in the South Hall Chapel at 9.30 am for half an hour with Rev John MacGregor on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Coffee Shop at Cadder South Hall is closed over the school holidays.

Cadder Boys and Girls Brigade - For further details please consult their web pages and facebook page.

Every blessing,