Music Club

Our Annual Concert on Friday 23rd March was a great success and enjoyed by all who were in the South Hall - both the audience and performers. Thanks, as ever, to all who assisted and especially those who helped with the hired stage.

As some of you will have heard I decided that this concert was the right time to bring the Music Club to an end.

The Music Club was started in 1981 with the £200 former organist Jack Hamilton memorial fund. We initially met in Bishopbriggs High school starting with approximately 40 children and our first concert was Christmas 1981. When the numbers rose to 142 children we moved to the newly acquired Cadder North Hall and had to run concerts on 2 nights to accommodate all who wished to attend. We all enjoyed the many performances including the elegance of My Fair Lady, the surprise of the Kings New Clothes, the Spaceman who kept talking, the extravagance of Barnum, the coquettish hippopotamus, the spectacle of Joseph's multi coloured coat, the fairy whose wand would not behave, the news from the steamie, the power of Les Miserables and recent appearances by HRH The Queen. A few adults joined us over the years and following the end of the children's group in 1997 the adult group has had at least 40 members every year. We continued with annual concerts and Christmas services and concerts. In addition the adult group has performed across west and central Scotland and even Kirn!

Ready for The Show!

Since 1981 the Music Club has always given to others including:

  • the electric piano to the church in memory of Jack Hamilton
  • £1000 to the fund to buy the North Hall
  • donations to the Church each year
  • gifts to all members and helpers on our 10th and 25th anniversaries
  • donations of over £50,000 to charities including East Park, CHAS, Guide Dogs, Shelter, Leukaemia Research, Erskine Hospital, CLIC Sargent, MS Therapy Centre, Marie Curie, Lodging House Mission, Canine Partners and YMCA.

I have always believed that more important is seeing children flourish and develop confidence through participation in music and adults able to leave the stress of work and life behind for a few hours. Faith, fellowship and fun has always been my motivation and over the years this has been in abundance. This is not a time to be sad that the Music Club is over but to be glad about all we achieved and the wonderful memories we all have.

To all who have helped in whatever way over the years my heartfelt thanks to you all. Please remember that God hears the crows along with the nightingales so everyone...Keep Singing!